Me-mere, 1942

A long time ago I was given a bunch of old photographs of my grandparents (my Me-mere and Pe-pere) and amongst them was one in particular that made me pause and study its every essence. It was a photo of my Me-mere when she was a young woman. She was roller-skating with both arms outstretched like an airplane with one foot up in the air. The smile on her face was pure joy, fun, youth, laughter...caution to the wind. Her authentic self. This photo instantly became one of my all-time favorite possessions.

I believe photography can do this to you. It can grab you in and take hold and become a treasure. Sometimes not only for you, but for the generations that will receive it after you.

My goal is reached when a client tells me that they stop and stare..."study the every essence"...of the photos hanging on their walls because I captured a time in their life that they will remember for a lifetime.

This is why I love photography and enjoy capturing those authentic moments. I want the images to become your treasure. Little pieces of art that will make you smile and remember that amazing time in your life or the lives of your loved ones.


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