October 10, 2013

Pretty Petal Studio - Halloween Costumes

My cute Finn -  iPhone pic on Instagram

Do you dress up for Halloween?

As a mom of two young boys, I still dress up, but it's usually cold here on Halloween so my costume comes off after the "have-to-have" photos are taken.

My husband always has the right idea.  He just wears some sort of head piece or wig, which usually cracks me up.  We bought him a Pirate's of the Carribean style wig last night with the long hair, do-rag, and even braids with beads.

When he put it on I couldn't stop laughing.  Major belly laughs, which I haven't had in a long time.  He looked more like a disheveled Rastafarian guy than a sexy "Johnny Depp" lookalike.

But I digress (I'm sure he's going to love that I said all that)...so today I found this really pretty mask made of feathers.  It's what I'm going to wear on Halloween night...with my coat, scarf, gloves, boots, etc!

What are you going to be this Halloween?  I'll tell you one of my favorite costumes.  One year my husband was a Leprechaun and I was his gold!  It was awesome!

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