March 6, 2013

Pretty Petal Studio - Whichgoose Session Spring Line

I'm so excited to share another Whichgoose session!  Whichgoose is a lovely Etsy shop that sells beautiful floral crowns and other pretty accessories.  

For Emily's spring line, we decided to use Sugarloaf Mountain as our backdrop.  The tricky thing about photographing "spring" in the winter is well, 30 degree weather with some wind tossed in!  Brrrrrrr.  My assistant, Lalania, and I were nicely bundled up, but Kate and Emily were you can witness in this last black and white photo above!  Goosebumps!  But boy did they work it and except for a few goosebumps, it looks like a lovely warm day in the woods.

I also realized that I never blogged Whichgoose's autumn session, so I'm going to add some of those images to the blog later this week.  I have the best time with these girls.  Beauty and creativity abounds!

P.S., Awesome braided hair pieces are from Etsy shop, Puppy Cat Meow!

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