August 24, 2012

Pretty Petal Studio - Frederick MD Senior Portrait Photographer - Lindsay

So, needless to say, this area is filled with beautiful senior girls!  Lindsay's first scheduled session was on the verge of being rained out with big rain clouds and thunder in the distance. So we did a quick session with rain boots and an umbrella...and then rescheduled the remainder of the session for a prettier day.

Part II was amazing!  Lindsay's Mom wanted to get some photos with her, which I LOVED that idea.  After looking at the photos, I believe daughters should have a special session like this with their mothers.  It made me tear up to look at their gallery and the special bond they have with each other.  (My Mom lives in San Diego so I miss her!)

And the rest of her session was just as pretty.  Beautiful girl, beautiful light, the beach and cool downtown New Market!  Good luck with your senior year Lindsay!  May it be all you hope for and more!

Pretty Petal Studio - Whichgoose Session Autumn Line

Whichgoose session!  Emily's autumn line is pure beauty and romance.  Whichgoose is a lovely Etsy shop that sells beautiful floral crowns and other pretty accessories.  Perfect for brides that want something different and unique to wear on their wedding day.  Or for those of us that just want something to adorn to make us feel beautiful! 

August 22, 2012

Pretty Petal Studio - What Makes My Photos "Fine Art?"

Straight out of the camera (SOOC) shot.

 Close-up of the lake - lots of debris to clean up.

Final image!

Every now and again I'm asked about my workflow process or what makes my photographs "Fine Art?"  I believe it's the feel of my photos once they're "finished."  Many times I don't know how the image will look until I sit down with it and ponder its mood.  I'm influenced by many things, the place, the lighting, an expression...even the music that I'm listening to while I edit can play a factor on how the image turns out.

For me, I can work on a straight-out-of-the-camera (SOOC) image for 5 minutes or for 30 minutes!  Sometimes even longer than that if I'm playing with textures, adjusting skin tones, or cloning out distractions...such as my example and all the debris in the water.  I thought it would be fun to show an example of a SOOC image and what it looks like as a "final."  (I know I love seeing before and after shots!)

For this image of a recent senior session, I cropped in tighter, adjusted the lighting, enhanced skin and hair, warmed it up, cloned out all the lake debris, and added some filters and textures.  There were other steps in this process as well such as popping the color of the red ballet slippers, sharpening, etc.  Overall this image took me longer than 30 minutes to edit.

Sometimes in this process, I'll go through all that work and scrap it because it's just not right in some way...and start all over again.  I love this artistic/creative process.  It's why I consider myself an artist and my photography "fine art."  The post-production of my images is a very important aspect of my business.  It's how it becomes my "style."

August 20, 2012

Pretty Petal Studio - Fine Art Senior Session with Conner

I loved photographing this senior session with Conner.  Not only is she stunningly beautiful, but she's also incredibly talented!  It was a surprise to me when we got on location and her Mom said they had a ballet bar in the car and would like to put it in the water.  What!?!?  Of course!  I love putting things in the water...hence the chair too!

Good luck in your senior year Conner!  Your beauty transcends inside and out.

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