May 22, 2012

Pretty Petal Studio - "Soul Pad" Bell Tent

bell tent soul pad

bell tent soul pad

Man oh man!  Can you believe this canvas tent!?  I mean, talk about upping your camping adventure and making it a true stylish experience.  My dear friend Lalania received this Bell Tent as a Valentine gift from her hubby.  (Lucky girl huh?!)

The Soul Pad is more like a home away from home.  Cozy elements like colorful rugs, comfy cushions and pillows, real wooden chairs and glass lanterns are must haves for this type of camping style.  These tents are all the rage in the UK, but maybe it will catch on here in the US when Lalania and her family take it out this weekend to a popular music festival!  (People stop in their tracks to check it out and see what it's all about.)

And do you see the wonderful centerpiece for the tent?  She made it!  A gorgeous light fixture (for battery operated tea candles) affixed with streams of frabric, lace and beads!  Oh, and she ordered this wonderful Gypsy Celebration Flag from Art to Go to add to the ambiance of the tent.

So, with all this gushing about the tent and Lalania, I have to say that I'm so excited for the launch of her new blog, Camp Belle!  We had an impromptu session with the tent over the weekend so I could see it in all its glory and to take some photos of it for her blog. So what was supposed to be a few pics, turned into an actual amazing session with her family (oh, and my boys might have snuck in here and there).

Congrats on your new blog Lalania and the start to your Soul Pad journey!  I can't wait to read about your adventures!

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