February 13, 2012

Pretty Petal Studio - Robot Valentines via Pinterest

So I consider myself pretty crafty and artsy and all that good fun stuff...so...Aidan and I decided to make his Valentine "cards" this year.  I once again went to the beloved Pinterest (if you don't know about Pinterest, you really should...it's fabulous!) and I found some really unique ideas.  Aidan loves robots and when I showed him this idea...that was it.  

We bought all the supplies and laid everything out on our kitchen table (last night...nothing like procrastination), only to discover that we bought tic-tac boxes that were the big size, not the little adorable size that they should have been.  So what that they have tiny Starburst heads and the paper doesn't really cover their body...right?!  Oh and owl googly eyes, since I thought that Aidan had the smaller ones in his craft box and didn't think to check and buy smaller ones for this project.  Oh well!  We made it our own and I think his classmates will get a kick out of them!  

Next year...store bought Valentines with tattoos or lollipops already included.  Did I say that!?  Good thing Aidan doesn't read my blog!

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