February 9, 2012

Pretty Petal Studio - Hygge Bedroom

 Bedroom in the day

 Bedroom at night...with sleeping Aidan

Have you heard of the word Hygge before?  The first time I did was many years ago when I stumbled upon a blog called "Alex the Girl."  I got swept away into Alex's world of making everything ordinary, extraordinary.  Hygge is the Danish word for "cozy, comfortable, simple, lovely, charming"...loosely translated.  While Alex doesn't blog on "Alex the Girl" anymore, she has another wonderful blog called, Hygge House.

So now that I defined Hygge...I can move on to why I blogged photos of my bedroom.  Recently I became "obsessed" with origami and from gathering ideas on Pinterest , I decided to make origami cranes and hang them from our four post bed.  I love adding whimsical, bohemian style elements to my room and I think this exudes Hygge!  Even my son Aidan wanted to sleep in my room tonight because he thought it looked so cozy.  Who knew that adding little flying birds would be such a treat.  Ooooh, and you should have seen his face when I turned on the fan for a while. We just laid on the bed and pointed out which ones were our favorites as they gently swayed back and forth.  (Aidan pointed out each one.)  :)

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