May 20, 2010

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Lately I've been contemplating "knowledge dumping." Years ago I read JD Salinger's "Nine Stories" and one story in particular struck me and became my favorite..."Teddy." It makes one wonder about how we would view the "real world" if we weren't told what things are or should be. My contemplation lately is tied directly with photography.

I wonder how we would photograph a portrait or object if we could somehow "dump" the way that we think a portrait or object should be photographed. It's hard to do. It's hard to shake off everything we've seen, admired or been influenced by. And those that can shake it off, well, I think they're the pioneers...the ones that everyone else starts to copy.

This requires a lot of rule breaking, thinking outside the box, criticism by "experts" in the field...and bravery. So I ask you, can you meditate on this idea. Marinate in it for a while. Imagine that you've never seen a newborn photo or a photo of a family portrait. What would it look like? Can you become a pioneer? Can you reinvent the way the world sees a baby or a family? I'd love to see it if you can.

It's something that I can't shake. It's like a whisper in my ear...I need a massive knowledge dump. So I ask the universe for some cool dreams...and especially those lucid ones, so I can begin reinventing the way I view the world.

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