March 11, 2010

Frederick MD Fine Art Photographer . SELF PORTRAIT

It's been a while since I've done a self-portrait...something that I love taking, but often times do not show my face. Or if I do include my face, it's hidden by looking down or with a hat, etc.

I belong to a local camera club and last night the theme was Self Portrait, so this was my submission and it won the category! Yay! There were a lot of great entries and it's one of my favorite themes of photography b/c it gets most people out of their comfort zone and is also a wonderful photographic challenge.

The set-up for this shot was that I wanted to be back lit and have a white skirt on so that the light could stream through it. And then I'm holding two Diana camera and some flowers...oh and another love that's included in the! I used to have a crazy obsession - for a long time my husband called me Shoe-san. :~)

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